Ask for a bodega in Spain and you’ll be directed to a winery or a bar. In New York, though, you’ll find yourself outside a small street-corner grocery in a Spanish-speaking part of town.

Bodegas are renowned for their convivial culture and colourful character—and the ever-present bodega cat!

Conviviality and character strike us as a fine starting point for a wine club that is all about experiencing Mediterranean wines together. 

We’re thinking wild (and wildly different) opinions, arm-waving, and a lot of laughter; a bit of a journey through grape history and terroir; and, of course, some really excellent wine. 

Think a wine self-education tour with no pesky borders.


Once a month, members will receive an invite to a tasting evening, $XX flat rate, limited to the first 20 members to respond. We’ll tell you the theme—it might be Spanish reds, patio pounders, or the War of the Roses. You show up, the evening’s wines are introduced, and at the count of three we all dive into the world of wine, paired with select morsels from the Fresca kitchen. Expect to wander around, talk to people you’ve never met before, and find a palate you maybe didn’t know you had. 


Go home armed with our background notes—wine biographies, vineyard background, suggested food pairings, suggested music pairings (no, not really)—heavily scrawled with your own tasting notes, and possibly a bottle or case of your favourites, provided at a great member discount.  


So you were at a meeting and didn’t see the email until TOO LATE. Sorry. Better luck next month. As a member, you’ll at least receive a roundup of the event (including pictures of your new wine buddies having a great time) and info on the wines you should have been tasting, with the option of using your member discount to purchase anything that particularly takes your fancy.

Sound like something you’d like to try? 

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